Friday, May 27, 2011

News outlets announce our launch

In response to yesterday’s press release, we’ve gotten some great publicity from the news media.

The Salt Lake Tribune was the first to post a story, with a good explanation of our mission and goals:

The Standard-Examiner was close behind, posting its story late last night:
Although our primary mission is more to promote better policies than to serve as a mere “watchdog”, this is also a good article. The reporter even contacted the five announced mayoral candidates, and four of them made statements strongly supporting our mission! The fifth was apparently caught off-guard because he hadn’t yet received our press release, and that’s partly my fault.

Not to be left out, Ogden’s ever-vigilant political blog, Weber County Forum, has posted a brief note picking up on the Tribune story:

And last but not least, word is quickly spreading through our Facebook page:

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